Just for fun. Here’s how you can turn your phone into a 3D hologram projector


Ever since I was a kid I can remember being fascinated about holograms. The first time I heard about this was in one of Jules Verne’s’  books, The Carpathian Castle, which was originally published in 1892 (yes, he somehow predicted this). Fast forward to the present day and you will find that holograms are not anymore a subject for fiction books or movies. We see this technology used for entertainment, for advertising and of course more practical uses like medicine, computer data storage, car design and so on.

But how would you like to build a hologram of your own just for fun, and turn your phone into a 3D hologram projector? This is the type of project that you can do in the office if you get bored or perhaps something you can do with your kids at home.

Here is what you need to turn your phone into a 3D hologram projector:

  1. Graph paper, but you can also use some from a math notebook;
  2. A CD case, or some transparent plastic that you can cut;
  3. A pair of scissors;
  4. A pen;
  5. Sellotape or superglue;
  6. A craft knife or glass cutter;
  7. Your smartphone;
  8. Download or play a 3D video on your phone.

Great, now you have what you need, let’s start building. Follow this simple steps and turn your phone into a 3D hologram in no time.

1. Sketch out a basic trapezoid shape on the graph paper using the dimensions 1xm x 3.5cm x 6cm. You can also make it bigger but you need to keep the proportions;


2. Snap off the shallow sides of the CD case and carefully trace around the paper template to cut the shape into the transparent plastic. Repeat four times.


3. Tape the four shapes together, with the longest sides facing the top of the structure.


4. Select the holograph-specific video you’d like to project. Click here for a sample video.


5. Place the shape over a video playing on your smartphone to create a mirrored, 3D hologram.


Although holograms have yet to fully make the leap to mainstream use, this is a interesting and fun way to experiment with this technology. You can even make it on a larger scale, using a tablet screen instead of a phone screen. The possibilities are numerous, be creative and have fun with it! 🙂

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