Melancholy of a space traveler

With the progression of years I sometimes find myself in melancholic reflection of the good old days. The irony being that I never knew I was living the good old days until many suns have set upon them. 

Isn’t this the irony of the human condition? Always stuck in the past, endlessly thinking of a better future. What about now? Plenty of things going on at the moment. Maybe it’s too much and we want to escape, or maybe we think it’s not enough and we want more. Finding balance feels like an illusion. There is no balance. There is no gravity. We’re just floating in space. Dark. Cold. Silent. Void. 

But even floating in space can be a thing to live for. A source of joy, a source of life. The important thing is that we don’t stand still. Where there is movement there is life, any experienced space traveler knows that. That’s rule number one. Rule number two, never travel alone.

After some reflection, I steady myself as I’m drifting along and set a course for the next star I shall conquer. I can only hope that in a few years I’ll find myself longing for this period of my life as much as I do now for the good old days.


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