Green energy from cooking grease

967690880The clean energy subject is not a new one on the market and not even on this site, because this thing became a real need these days. What I want to talk about now is the clean energy we can get from used cooking oil, that thing we throw away every time we fry something, because we don’t want the next food to have the taste of the prior. Well, did you know that by throwing away 1L of used cooking oil, one million liters of water are contaminated? Me neither! On contact with water, the used oil forms a thin film which stops oxygen to reach the creatures and plants in water – and this is something we could avoid, if we collect the used cooking oil and recycle it.

A few years ago, a 10 year old girl from Ocean State of Rhode Island learned about the effects fossil fuels could have on the environment and the fact that if we continue that way, her entire state could become an under ocean state. So, she came up with a plan to prevent it.

The little girl and her friends started a project whose purpose was to not let their state go extinct because of what we, people, are doing. They launched TGIF (Turn Grease Into Fuel) with a simple and yet ingenious approach: they asked restaurants for used cooking oil. The restaurant were going to throw it away anyway, so the kids helped them to get rid of that and the environment to get healthy.

Slowly, but surely, the kid’s idea was adopted by local restaurants and by the community, which involved into the project. The biofuel created by the little “company” was used to warm the homes of families in need, because a good deed comes never alone.

Here is the little group who came up with the brilliant idea and how it evolved over the years (because yes, it evolved!).

Well, if a group of children could set up and make work a project that big, involving a community, at least we could start collecting used cooking oil and give it to them (someone near you) to recycle it.

If you live in Romania, you could contact Uleiosul and tell them to come and get the oil you used and want to throw away. So, besides the first benefits like no more clogged pipes, we help the environment to become cleaner and healthier.


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