As above, so below


Everything is connected in the Universe. The dots we don’t see create a chained reaction of events that makes our reality manifest since the beginning of (space)time. Bigger events create smaller events and vice-versa. The Universe is a big place, so it’s incredibly hard for us humans to find meaning in it. Trying to understand, why everything happens, might not happen in our lifetimes. How everything came to be is an even more incomprehensible dilemma.

We are unable to understand the causality of events at a micro (molecular) level nor do we have a clear picture of what is beyond.  So, we simplify, making complex matters into plain talk. Using our imagination, we abstractify and use analogies to understand the world.

Even when it comes to our own selves, it is not easy all the time to articulate why we do something in first place. However, we may come up with our own explanation. When you decide, you will paint your living room walls green, you may have no clue why you came to this decision, on a micro level. What made your synapses excite in a certain way that made you choose this? The rabbit whole goes deeper than our conscious mind can grasp.

However, when you leave all the science aside and answer this as a normal human would, one might say that “green is my favorite color” or that “I decided to paint the walls green as it reminds me of the green fields near my grandmother’s house where I used to play when I was little”. It can be a myriad of reasons, anything. However, you won’t know (scientifically speaking) what triggered it. What’s even more curious is that sometimes our minds change, recognizing deeper truths or reasoning to particular actions, thus changing the presumed causality of our past events.

Meaning comes from the observer’s paradigm of thinking. Observing our reality through this abstract and analogical lens, one might see interesting connections between macro planes of manifestation and micro planes of manifestation. In a way, it’s almost like one is reflecting the other. Taking this idea as a starting point, one can start exploring this concept using different levels of abstraction.

I like to give a few examples which I found interesting. This will give a better outline of the idea I am trying to explore. Now, keep in mind that I am not promoting any scientific truth nor am I advocating for any religion, cult or dogma.


On the left you see a snapshot of a mouse brain cell and on the right you see a mapping of the present (observable) universe. One cannot help but notice the similarities between the two. It’s almost like the Universe is one big brain, or a brain is a micro representation of an entire Universe.  Like a reflection. In other words, this can be seen as an example of the neural pathways of the brain as being in direct proportional frequency to the structure of the galaxies.

Moving out of the realm of scientific observation and getting into a religious or dogmatic way of thinking, you will learn that this is quite an old concept. It is referred to within some versions of the bible, in masonic writings, in ancient Egyptian texts (like the Emerald Tablet of Toth / Hermes) and probably in other religions as well (e.g. Mayans since they build their pyramids to mirror star systems such as the Egyptians did).

“Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”  [Lord’s Prayer – Source]

“That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below (to do the miracles of one only thing)” [Emerald Tablet of Toth / Hermes – Source]

“As above, so below (So within, so without, As the universe, so the soul)” [Masonic text]

As the human mind evolved over time, so our paradigm of thinking has changed. We see different interpretations of the same message as part of different cultures and belief systems. There is a lot of debate over this topic, each party claiming to have the correct version and interpretation.

I believe that this is how most religious texts were designed, by taking a complex aspect of life and giving it a meaning everyone (in that time) can understand. If the lower level reflects the higher level (and vice-versa), by understanding one you can understand the others.

As we continue exploring this concept (of as above, so below) one might come up with a more practical example which is nothing else than moving to a different type of abstraction. Let’s say a meteor will pass very close to Earth next week. Although it will not collide with our planet, it might have a direct impact on “what is below”. Journalists will write about this, as the event approaches, but scientist would have been observing its trajectory long before it hits the news. Once out in the public eye, people will be reading about it. Some might read this on their way to work. Some might get into an accident as a result of reading this while driving or crossing the street. Others might talk about this with their friends. Even if not in your face, the effects of something that happens “above” are connected (even in a abstract way) to what is “below”.

This is still a fresh concept for me, something which I did not fully explored and researched. Sometimes I like to see or look for connections in the things around me. The connectedness theme is a trait of my personality, so things like these are food for my mind.

I do not try to prove or promote anything, only my desire to share the ideas swirling in my head.



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