The departure


I stabbed myself today, a deep stab in the heart

To numb the pain away, of having you apart

Looking at the blood, dripping from my chest

I contemplate the mud, the place where I will rest

I grab the knife again and twist it in the wound

I want my life to drain and go into the ground

The only thing I know, the only thing that’s real

The thing I can’t let go, is the pain that I now feel

What have I become, a man without a soul

My time here is done, I’ll crawl into my hole

Going in the ground, my heart will cease to beat

No more beating sound, only bones and rotting meat

Deep beneath the earth, my feelings disappear 

They are only worth, the ending that is near

The only thing I wish, before I rest my eyes

The only one I cherish, the reason for my cries

The only one I know, the only one I feel

To have you in my arms, a dream that once was real




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