Save the planet?


For some time now I think about “saving the planet”. It seems like a very clear mission we have here, to save the plant. But, you know, I think know the planet will be just fine without us. The planet doesn’t need to be saved. We need to save ourselves from us. We need to save the planet from us and for us.

OK, maybe Earth needs our guidance to thrive, but that should be the best guidance, in order to really benefit the planet. Just take a look at what we’ve done since we appeared here until the present moment: we’ve changed the way the weather works, which leaded to global warming and loss of biosphere integrity; we’ve polluted the places we’re living in to the point that they are no longer livable; we’ve transformed once green, fertile areas into desert; we’ve let metal encroachments creep into the soil. And this list could go on and be more detailed, but there’s no need for it.

Researchers all over the Earth spent time trying to find out what we did to this planet and how we could save it. They’ve discovered that changes of the last 60 years are unprecedented in the previous 10.000 years. 10.000 years of relatively stable climate and a significant accession of human civilization.

This was possible because the urban population has increased sevenfold since the ‘50s and the need of energy and food increased exponentially. This thing leaded to a growth of primary energy use by a factor of five, an amount of fertilizer of up to eight times higher and a quadrupled amount of nitrogen entering the oceans.

We couldn’t see the impact we had on Earth until recently, but the researchers saw it and warned us that all of these changes are shifting the planet into a “new state” that is becoming less hospitable to human life. Thing that brings me back to my thoughts – the planet doesn’t need us. I think we should re-think the way we live and the way we are doing things here, on Earth, because who knows if there is any chance for us to find another planet suitable for human life?

Have you ever thought what would happen if all the humans would disappear from Earth? Of course, the first years could be terrifying, but after 10.000 years, the only proof that humans were on Earth would be the Chinese wall, the Rushmore Mountain or other rock structures.

I’ll let you with this short video clip that explain better the idea of human extinction and Earth revival and with the hope that a shift, no matter how small, will happen in your life.


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