Minding your mind


…we have the power to change the world, but sometimes we can’t even change our own minds…

It starts with an emotion, every thing does. As sentient beings, this is for us, both a blessing and a curse. That emotion which happens in the body, unfolds as a feeling in the mind. The feeling in turn unfolds as a thought which is one’s rational expression of that emotion. The thought will continue to echo out back to the feeling in a sort of feedback loop which continues to touch base with the core feeling. For one who fancy’s himself as a deep thinker, the realization that feelings act as premise for one’s thoughts is somehow humorous.

When feelings are too profound they create strong thoughts that have the potential to blur out the line between the observing self and thought itself. Same as tossing a pebble into a still lake, our feelings and in turn our minds create a similar ripple effect. The ripple effect is the energy resulted from that initial feeling or thought. If expands outwards as deep as it dives inwards. If one would just stop for a second and try to visualize it, I am sure he will agree that it looks very pretty. But one almost never does…

It is a blessing when feelings create uplifting ripple effects. A life lived with love, passion and joy reflects to the world the same type of energy. Without realizing the same experience is felt, at some level, by many and is reflected back to it’s initial source to feed the loop again. This is the reason why successful people are successful. They live a happy and meaningful life and that is reflected outwards to the world. The world taps into that and reflects it back to them. On the same principle desperate persons have trouble finding a partner in life. The feelings and thoughts inside are felt at some level by the world outside. Although felt on an unconscious level most of the times, having a bad feeling about something can be a deal breaker of many things in life.

1920-x-1080_7Negative emotions can more easily cause strong feelings in the body. It is something which we inherited from our earlier phases of evolution. Our “reptilian” brains processed emotions such as pain, into feelings of horror, anger or hate. The “fight or flight” feeling has helped us massively during our evolutionary timeline, and although accounts for a smaller part of out minds right now, it still helps us. So the reason I think, negative feelings influence our minds more efficiently, is that these feelings were once associated with life or death scenarios. It is easier to make a person upset, than to make a person happy. This is one of the hardships of life, it is always harder to achieve a positive state of mind than a negative one. Same principle applies to keeping the same state of mind.

We act like individuals and some say we are, but in fact we’re just one big, fat, swirly consciousness threaded into little people who all think they are the center of experience. Our thoughts and feelings are rippled outwards for everyone to share. We may not do it or feel it consciously, but it is there whether we like it, accept it or not.

I felt that I have touched the peak of my ripple effect last night. My mind meticulously created this ripple effect out of a wide array of negative feelings which piled up over the last couple of years. The realization that once you touch the peak it can only go down is comforting. And eyeopening nonetheless. However it is still sad that I had to touch the peak to snap out of it and become the observer again. Time to cleanup the mess…

P.S. (note to self): Always take time to introspect. Having peace in the mind is better than owning the world.


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