Life choices


If you choose to leave, you may never come back.

Who will I be if I stay?

I choose to walk.

Do you want to be a stray?

I never follow the flock,

be that as it may.

If you choose to love, you may never be loved back.

Who will I be if I don’t try?

I will take my luck, who knows… lightning may struck

So you choose to suffer and cry?

I won’t keep my heart under a lock,

I may crash before I fly.

If you choose to take a chance, you may lose everything.

Who will I be if I don’t dare?

I pull each string, do my own thing.

So you really don’t care?

I may brake a string, I may loose a wing,

I accept what life may bring.

You talk like a guy who’s high.

Why do you always try to defy?

I am high, I reach for the sky.

I choose to live before I die.


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