Deconstruction of the self


Who am I?

Am I this body?

Am I how I look?

Am I my name?

Am I an entity associated to a place in society?

Am I the spacetime I was born in?

Am I my family?

Am I the friends I made and the people I’ve touched?

Am I the education I attended?

Am I the job I have and the jobs I had?

Am I my achievements and my failures?

Am I the choices I made and the ones I didn’t?

Am I the good things and the bad things I did?

Am I my likes and dislikes?

Am I what I love and what I fear?

Am I what I feel and what I think?

Am I my qualities and my flaws?

Am I what I built and what I destroied?

Am I what I did, what I’m doing now and what I’m going to do next?

If you knew all these answers, would you really know me?

Is this enough to know someone or do you need more?

What else do you need?

A DNA sample?

A complete and accurate recording of my life?

Would that be enough?

If you had all of that, would you be able to replicate my life, even in a controlled environment?

Can you make another me?

Would you make another me?

For what purpose?

Would it be the same as my purpose in life? If not, is that still me?

Now ask yourself, who are you?

Is not knowing part of being you?

Is it pointless to ask yourself these questions?

If so why? If not what does it bring?

Are we what society tells us we are?

Is what we are not enough?

Why do we sometimes act differently than who we are?

Is trying to be someone else a part of what we are?

Are we what we believe and what others believe we are?

Are we really in control? And if so, to what extent?

Just curious, that’s all.


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